An introductory module on engaging the university is available as an online course. 

The course is split into two parts, with each part lasting six weeks. The course covers six topics in total and the time commitment required is on average 1-3 hours per topic.

2019 course dates:

  • 28 January - 26 April : sign up closes 18 January 2019

  • 20 May - 16 August : sign up closes 10 May 2019

  • 09 September - 06 December : sign up closes 30 August 2019

If you are interested in taking the course, please send an email to engagingtheuni@ifesworld.org.


Part 1

What does it mean to ‘engage the university’? Why should we do it? How can we engage the university? This module is designed to help you think through these questions.


  • The University and Me

  • Biblical Inspirers

  • A Christian Perspective on the University

Part 2

What is our model for student ministry? How will it impact our personal and communal engagement with the university? This second part of our Introduction to Engaging the University will answer these and other questions.


  • Models for Engaging the University

  • Engaging the University Personally

  • Engaging as a Community