The project team

Ross McKenzie
Project Facilitator
Ross McKenzie is a Professor of Physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. He was an undergraduate at the Australian National University and received a PhD from Princeton University, USA. He enjoys writing two blogs: Soli Deo Gloria: Thoughts on theology, science and culture, and a blog closely related to his scientific research, Condensed Concepts. Over the years, he has interacted with IFES groups in the USA, Australia, India, Serbia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Timothée Joset
Project Co-Facilitator
Timothée Joset lives in French-speaking Switzerland, were he works with the local IFES movement. He is responsible for the Faith & Studies ministries which trains students to integrate their faith and their studies. Having experienced Christian engagement with the University first hand, he wants to share his passion with others. Formerly student member of the IFES board, he’s currently doing a PhD in history and theology in which he explores the rich past of IFES.

Robin McKenzie
Project Officer

Robin McKenzie has an MBA from Northwestern University, USA. She was the Founding Director of Reachout Expeditions, a wilderness-based youth ministry in the Pacific Northwest. She has also worked as the special events co-ordinator at Queensland Theological College. She is currently involved with international student ministry at the University of Queensland.

Vinoth Ramachandra
Project Co-Facilitator
Vinoth is from Sri Lanka. He holds both bachelors and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London. In 1987 he was invited to serve as the South Asia Regional Secretary, a post he held until 2001. Vinoth currently serves the IFES Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement and he leads the IFES ministry on Engaging the University. Vinoth blogs at

Helena Worrall
Project Administrator
Helena works as the Strategic Projects Officer at IFES International Services in Oxford, UK. She has a masters in International Development from Emory University, USA, and has work and research experience in South Asia and East Africa. During her undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, she served on the Christian Union Executive Committee as Secretary.

Jenni Greig
Jenni is a psychologist at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia. She contributed to the project through survey design and data analysis.


Back: Timothée Joset, Ross McKenzie
Front: Helena Worrall, Robin McKenzie, Jenni Greig